The Swiss Society Bangkok, founded in 1931, is a non-political, non-profit association of Swiss Nationals and friends of Switzerland residing in Thailand. The purpose of the organization is to promote friendship and contact among the Swiss Community, and with Thai friends of Switzerland. The Swiss Society will act as a liaison between the local Swiss Community and the Swiss Embassy and/or organizations in Switzerland which act in the interest of the Swiss expatriates. It will support the interest of the Swiss School and will assist in organizing National Day Celebration.

Our Activities

We meet once a month in the "Swiss Restaurant Chesa" (Sukhumvit Soi 20) for discussions with a dinner talk and a "Swiss dinner" and have another event once per month like, company visits, speeches on actual topics, boat trip, visit of museum, vine tasting, Christmas Brunch, Raclette evenging and of course our national day party.

Annual General Meeting 2023 of the Swiss Society Bangkok
, SSB Secretary
Dear members of the Swiss Society Bangkok The Invitation to the AGM 2023 will be send to all members by E-Mail

Pictures and reports of our last event for all those who could not participate. 

River Kwai Cruise
, SSB Vicepresident
4 Days Cruise on the River Kwai on a colonial style river cruiser with cultural excursions in the Kanchanaburi region

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Pictures and reports from our events 

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Events and Get Togethers 

Eventkalender Swiss Society Bangkok
Get Together Tue 21th February 2023
Di 21.02.2023 18:00-21:00
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    Get Together
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    Chesa Swiss Cuisine
Swiss Society Bangkok AGM 2023
Mi 08.03.2023 18:00-22:00
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    Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 Bangkok
Get Together Tue 21th March 2023
Di 21.03.2023 18:00-21:00
  • Typ
    Get Together
  • Ort
    Chesa Swiss Cuisine
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Story's from our members:

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Donnation from our Members: 

Swiss Society Bangkok Donation
, SSB Secretary
The money from the collection for Covid 19 sufferers was donated to the ATCC at the 2022 Rotary & Pattaya Sports Club Children's Christmas Party

Thanks to our Tombola Sonsors for the

90 Years Anniversary Party die Schweiz in der Hosentasche
SwissInTouch, Switzerland in your pocket Approximately 780,000 Swiss citizens abroad currently benefit from the wide range of services provided by a global network of representations offering advice and support. The FDFA Helpline is also on hand to answer queries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Now there's a new app that makes staying in touch even easier: SwissInTouch keeps Switzerland at your fingertips.
Protagonisten gesucht für Sendung «SRF bi de Lüt - Heimweh»
Leben Sie seit Langem im Ausland und brechen nun ihre Zelte ab, um in die Schweiz zurückzukehren oder umgekehrt: zügeln Sie nach langem Aufenthalt in der Schweiz zurück ins Herkunftsland? Oder von der Stadt aufs Land oder umgekehrt?
Anniversary Book 90 Years of Swiss Society Bangkok
The German and English versions of our anniversary book are now available. Price: THB 500 Contact : Josef Schnyder E-Mail:

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Special offers from our members and event partners:

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Partner events, concerts, parties organised by members and friends of the Swiss Society Bangkok:

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the committee decides which events will be published. 
Wann Betreff
Sa 11.02.2023 16:00-22:00 Partner Event , 60 Years Swiss School in Bangkok
RIS Swiss Section
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Planned events RIS  Swiss Section 

Please see website - - and get more information about upcoming events.

60 Years Swiss School in Bangkok
RIS Swiss Section, Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok will celebrate its 60th anniversary in the coming year 2023. This makes us one of the oldest international schools in Thailand. It fills us with pride and joy that in these sixty years we have enabled five generational groups of students to receive a German-language school education in Bangkok and in the process have produced hundreds of highly successful graduates.
Public events RIS Swiss Section
Please visit for more information about upcoming events.

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